Simple Fall Decorating Secrets

Simple Fall Decorating Secrets

Well fall is in full swing, so you know what that means…

Spoiler alert… Retailers are making it their full time job to get you to buy a whole bunch of fall themed stuff you probably don’t really need!

All those cute pumpkin and apple decorations, mugs with cute quotes, not to mention the cozy fall candles and blankets. Everywhere you turn there’s some new fall decoration or accessory just begging for you to pick it up and take it home.

And it is HARD to pass up those pretty decorations. Here’s the thing though, it is really easy to go overboard really fast.

But let me give you another perspective… in another month or so, those things will be “so last season,” and it will be time to put them away until next year!

So all that stuff you just bought will end up stored in a box, taking up space in your home, for a good 10+ months. In short, it will become more clutter that you need to deal with!

So what’s the secret? How do you decorate your home for the holidays without spending a ton of money on stuff you don’t need and will only end up taking up valuable space in your home?

I have significantly cut down on my holiday storage, and I’m spilling my simple holiday decorating secrets below!

Think outside the box, and you won’t need to store as many things inside a box!

#1: Think natural!

If you look at all the fall decorations they’re selling in stores, you’ll probably notice that they’ve usually got one thing in common… they’re trying to replicate nature!

For example, fake pumpkins, acorns, and apples. These are all things you’d find in nature, except retailers have created a plastic or ceramic version for you to decorate with.

So instead of buying the fake version that you’ll have to end up storing in a box, decorate with REAL pumpkins and gourds. They actually last a long time, and usually don’t cost a lot of money.

When the season is over, you can cook them or compost them, and return them to nature, so you won’t need to store anything at all!

A beautiful fall bouquet is another natural, simple way to to add some color to your dining room table. There’s just something about real, fresh flowers that makes a home feel so welcoming.

#2: Less is more!

Less is truly more when it comes to seasonal decor. When you have less things on display, the things that you do have out are more noticeable. They eye is naturally drawn to them.

Whereas if you have tons of stuff out, it can seem messy and overwhelming. (This is also why clutter stresses us out so much!)

So instead of covering your entire home in fall decor, pick one or two areas to make a statement and focus on that.

Something as simple as a bouquet of fall flowers makes a beautiful centerpiece!

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#3: Be selective!

This will not only save you holiday storage space, but also a good amount of money! When you are out shopping for decorations, always keep this question in the back of your mind: What will I do with this item when the holidays are over?

If it’s something smaller, then you might have no problem finding space for it. But if it’s something large and bulky, decide where you will store it (and where you will display it in your home) BEFORE you buy it! 

Items in a store can be deceiving, because they look smaller when you’re in a large store. And then you get them home, and all of a sudden that miniature reindeer is taking up half your entryway! So think really carefully before you buy, and buy selectively!

#4: Use neutral colors for larger decor!

By choosing neutral colors, you’ll be able to use these items year round and might not need to store them at all. Colors such as white, silver, gold, etc. make great colors that you can use year-round. Then use smaller accent pieces or colors to make them more holiday specific.

For example, when I made my DIY apothecary jars, I painted them silver so that I could use them for any holiday or season. I fill them with different accessories depending on the holiday. This ensures I only have to store the filler, and not the large jars!

#5: Think interchangeable!

This is one of my favorite holiday decorating hacks! For the holiday items that you do buy, make them something you can use for multiple holidays.

For example, instead of buying the red vase covered in Christmas trees for Christmas, consider a plain red vase that can be used for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, July 4th, etc. Or, even better, choose a white vase or clear glass vase that can be used for any occasion.

What items can you maybe make a few tweaks to and use again for the next holiday? My interchangeable burlap wreath is a fabulous example of this. I use one wreath form and simply change out the accessories every season, so I don’t need to store a bunch of wreaths. You can’t even tell they’re the same wreath!

I hope this gives you some ideas for simple, creative ways to decorate for fall. If you’d like more easy ways to simplify your home and life, grab your FREE starter guide here.


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