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This FREE guide will show you the exact steps you can take to start simplifying your home & life today! Inside, you’ll find checklists, reflection questions, and inspirational quotes to help you begin your journey to simplicity.


    Decluttering Cheat Sheets

    Get organized and be able to easily see at-a-glance the steps you need to follow to ensure decluttering success.

    Decluttering Challenge Cards

    Decluttering Challenge Cards

    Declutter your home in 60 days (or less)! Get the step-by-step roadmap to help you declutter and transform your home, one card at a time. 

    Sentimental Decluttering Secrets

    Sentimental Decluttering Secrets

    Find peace in letting go and learn how to work through your emotions when dealing with the sentimental items in your home.


    Decluttering Checklist

    Get the FREE checklist of 100+ easy things you can get rid of… guilt free!

    Clutter-Free Shopping Pack

    Cut off clutter at the source & STOP buying stuff you’ll regret with this FREE clutter-free shopping pack!

    Steps to Simplicity

    Cut down on clutter & eliminate the excess with this FREE guide.


    Hi, I’m Celeste, creator and founder of Simplicity Story. If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, all the stuff in your home, and your ridiculously busy schedule, you’ve come to the right place.

    Here you’ll find ideas, inspiration, and resources to help guide you in your journey to simplicity. I invite you to follow along and use this site as inspiration to write your version of your own Simplicity Story.

    Celeste @ Simplicity Story